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Hang Frames And Pictures In Your Home - The Easy Way!

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Introducing the brilliant new Hang Buddy Pro from Ukayed.
The Hang Buddy Pro is one of the handiest tools for anybody - regardless of whether you're a DIY Pro or someone that hasn't even picked up a screw driver!

Hang Pictures In Seconds!
The Hang Buddy Pro is designed to quickly and easily fit hanging studs to plasterboard walls in your home. It's really simple to use! Just put the Hang Buddy Pro in the position where you wish to place the stud and hit the fixing handle with the palm of your hand! It doesn't need excessive force, so it's a great tool for every adult!

Simple Picture Hooks
Once you have fixed the stud in place, clip on one of the picture hanging hooks on to the stud. The easy clip-on hooks make it really easy to hang a wired picture frame, calendar and even small clocks!

Stud Covers
If your picture frame isn't already wired, just place one of the stud covers over the stud! The stud cover will enhance the protrusion of the stud, enabling the hanging of frames without wire hanging points!

Need More Studs And Accessories?
No Problem! It's easy to order more studs, any time you like. Just visit this web site and choose how many packs you want from the order page. Take advantage of our ONE PRICE DELIVERY and order AS MANY additional stud packs and many Hang Buddy Pro sets as you like and still pay ONLY ONE DELIVERY CHARGE!

A Fantastic Tool To Keep And A Brilliant Gift!
The Hang Buddy Pro is one of those tools you should have in every house! You can buy it for yourself, or give it to family and friend as a thoughtful gift! Impress friends and family with your DIY skills - hang pictures in seconds - without the need for any special knowledge or DIY Skills!

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As easy as filling a stapler!
Hang Buddy Spares
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